We were founded in 1985 by Nancy Genung. Her love and knowledge of animals made this the perfect job for her. She started this idea of PetSitting in the state of NJ. There were no others when she came up with the idea of keeping the pets in their safe familiar surroundings. Nancy realized that people do not like to put their beloved pets in a kennel or veterinarian's office. Nor do the pets like to be out of their familiar household enviornment. They do not understand that you'll be back in a few days to pick them up! They just know that you are not there and they are NOT at home!

Nancy was in Nursing School when she decided that working with animals is more for her. She was also working as a Special Police Officer while the business was just starting. She has a real connection with the animals. You can see her love for the pets and how the pets love her back. Its quite amazing.

Nancy's Critter Sitters is staffed with people who share Nancy's love for the animals. They are all Bonded and Insured. They all have the knowledge to know if something is wrong, and what to do in an emergency. They are trained to give medication if needed. They deal with house alarms on a daily basis. They water plants if necessary. They will bring in your mail / newspaper so not even the mailman knows you are away! They do everything to keep the household on its usual routine also.

From your pets to your household, you are in GREAT hands with Nancy's Critter Sitters.